Did You See Derek And The Dominos Live?

Did you see Derek and the Dominos live? If so then please get in touch.

For the Live Performance History part of the book I want to talk to as many people who saw them as possible and have your recollections and memories in the book. I’m writing the most in-depth book on Derek and the Dominos ever written, and that includes their live work. That’s a part of their history that has never been covered before in much depth apart from the Fillmore shows. With your help it’ll be a complete gig-by-gig experience, detailing every show they ever played in their brief career.

So if you have seen the Dominos, have set lists, photos, ticket stubs, posters then please do contact me. You can e-mail me at:


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6 thoughts on “Did You See Derek And The Dominos Live?

  1. George Gilkenson says:

    No… But I did see The Allman Bros. at RFK Stadium in D.C. right after the “Layla” sessions.. They were on fire that day!! Grand Funk Railroad, Pacific Gas And Electric, Crow were the other groups… The Berlin Airlift- RFK Stadium Oct 1970


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